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A properly maintained and operated database can be crucial to the operation of your business. Delays or errors in retrieving customer information, displaying data on your website, or storing records can all have severe consequences for your business. It is important to choose the best Houston database programmers. Houston Computer Consulting, which has the experience necessary to program all of the major database types, including the flat, hierarchical, and network models.

A flat model, sometimes referred to as a table model, is the sort of database that is structured in the same way as a spreadsheet. It is a two-dimensional model where the columns are like values and the rows have common traits. For example, to track employee work times, a database might be created where each employee name was associated with a specific time value, enabling a more efficient calculation of benefits.

Another type of database is the hierarchical model, in which data is organized in a tree-like format of the sort typified in genealogy records. While this can certainly be useful in creating a defined set of relationships between disparate values, it does have limitations. It was most common in early mainframe systems.

A third type of database model is the network model, which sorts and accesses data according to records and sets. Although this method gives superior results in terms of retrieval speeds, it has some drawbacks in terms of the difficulty in reorganizing data. To find out which database method works best for you, contact Houston Computer Consulting today.
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