• Collaboration portal and Content Management System (CMS)
• MS Office integration, document management, forms library
• WebParts – rich custom functionality (reports, executive dashboard, etc.)
• Online communities – by department, interest, etc.
• Centralized search
• Intranet application foundation

Still using a network file share and email to collaborate? Microsoft SharePoint enables web-based collaboration and content management for the enterprise. SharePoint seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, so sharing and collaborating on documents couldn’t be easier. Document libraries include versioning and check in/check out functionality. Forms libraries provide a central location for commonly used forms. Multiple sites can be created for various departments or user communities. And the integrated cross-site search makes it easy to find content.

In addition to its solid collaboration and content management functionality, SharePoint also serves as an application platform. WebParts make it easy to embed rich functionality such as reports, executive dashboards, etc. on any SharePoint page. Web services make your SharePoint content accessible to other applications in a secure and performant manner.

Houston Computer Consulting has the knowledge to setup, configure, and deploy SharePoint to your organization. We can help you improve communication and collaboration. We can also assist you in identifying ways to fully leverage your existing SharePoint installation. Call us today to find out how your organization can benefit from SharePoint.

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