Novotny Web Site Database Synchronization

Novotny & Company, one of Houston’s largest property tax consulting firms, deployed an updated web site which featured a self-service portal for its clients. The web site database was separate from the company’s internal database for security and performance reasons, but updates to customer data and invoice statuses needed to be reflected in both databases.

Houston Computer Consulting LLC researched available options for synching the data and chose the Microsoft Sync Framework as the starting point for an automated database synchronization process. Table-level change tracking components (change log tables and triggers) were added for each of the tables to be synched. A custom batch job was developed to perform a two-way synchronization between the internal and remote (web site) databases. The batch job was scheduled to run hourly to sync the data.

The database synchronization batch job has ensured that data changes in either database are reflected in the other. This allows invoices to be created by accounting staff in the Novotny office and have them reflected in the customer portal within the hour. Similarly, payments made via the web site are reflected in Novotny’s accounting system within an hour of being received. Ditto for updates to customer account information updates made in either database. This solution has delivered seamless and near real-time updates of customer data in a fully automated fashion.

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