Mobile Application Development

With the rapid advances in mobile technology, you may be wondering which technologies make sense for your business. Or perhaps you already have an idea for a mobile application you want to bring to market.

Whatever your mobile needs, Houston Computer Consulting’s team can assist you with technology selection, application design & development, and integration with internal systems. We can help you make your data available anywhere your organization needs it. We have the talent in-house to build multiplatform applications, design compelling user interfaces and offer insight/suggestions to help you build for the future.

By having a team capable of building on the Microsoft .NET platform as well as Java and Objective C, we are able to bundle common application logic in a cloud-based web service, while reaching as many mobile devices as possible. This approach avoids duplicated code and helps make your mobile solution more maintainable. With .Net in the back-end, your solution will scale with ease as your user base grows.

Microsoft Windows Phone
Microsoft’s recently released Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system features a unique new user interface and rich Silverlight applications that are a joy to use. What’s more, WP7 gives you access to MS Office documents, Exchange email, and SharePoint content on the go.

With an industry differentiating User Interface, Windows Phone allows you to ‘glance and go’ by supplying data to the home screen via a feature called “Live Tiles.” These ‘Tiles’ are updated on a user customizable interval and can provide alerts, traffic, scores and visuals. Together with integration of Zune, XBox, Facebook and Live, Windows Phone rescues you from constantly “launching apps” and lets you live your life.

Google Android
Google’s Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system today. Seamless integration with Google’s cloud services such as email, contacts, and calendars make it very consumer friendly.

While not as enterprise ready as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Android provides an alternative to organizations that may be using non-Microsoft technologies such as Linux or Java. Or maybe you’d like to build an application for multiple phone platforms.

Apple iOS
No discussion of mobile applications is complete without mentioning Apple's ubiquitous iPhone and iOS operating system. With more than 300,000 applications in its App Store, the iPhone can do it all.

The iPhone 4 is the latest and greatest iteration of Apple's standard-setting phone. Its ultra-crisp Retina display is perfect for displaying vibrant images and reading on-the-go. FaceTime video calling can be used in new and interesting ways to interact with your colleagues and customers.

If you're planning to bring a mobile application to market, an iOS application is a must.

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