HMEPS Investments Sharepoint CRM

Houston Municipal Employees Pension System’s (HMEPS) Investments department is responsible for managing the investment growth of the city’s pension fund. This responsibility involves managing/interacting with numerous consultants, funds, fund managers, and other contacts. This information was being managed in a disconnected file system, which they were quickly outgrowing.

Houston Computer Consulting LLC was asked to provide a solution that would streamline the customer relationship management (CRM) process for the department. After evaluating several options, the organization’s existing SharePoint deployment was selected as the platform for building the CRM solution. Custom views and data entry pages were developed in SharePoint to facilitate the maintenance and sharing of the data. Parent/child relationships, such as funds managed by a given fund manager, were reflected in the design of the custom pages as expandable/collapsible sections, resulting in an easy-to-navigate and intuitive user interface.

The custom SharePoint-based CRM solution provided the HMEPS Investments department with a centralized location for sharing and maintaining the information. As a result, the department has become more efficient in managing their investments.

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